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Burnt-out employees are 2.6 times more likely to hunt for another job and 63% more likely to call in sick (APA, 2015). And it’s your top performers who are most at risk. Future-proof your organisation by empowering your people to be well and stay well through mindfulness.

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We’ve all become more aware of wellbeing. For newer generations especially, work cultures are increasingly expected to give a sense of purpose, connection and happiness. And the responsibility for managing burnout is shifting from the individual onto the organisation.

If your team is stressed, if absenteeism is rising for mental health reasons, or if you’re losing employees on lifestyle grounds, intervene with mindfulness.

By training your people to be self-aware, we help them build mental resilience. A resilience that reduces stress and results in more engaged employees.

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Mindfulness is far from

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Mindfulness practice is preventative by nature and helps put your staff in control of their wellbeing and mental health at work — no incense required. Our mindfulness training is based on empirical evidence and frontline interventions used in the NHS. We know it works. And we measure its impact in your organisation to inform your wider wellbeing strategy.




While there is something very special about being together in a room, all of our services are currently being delivered online to great effect and for participants across the globe. When possible, our in-person trainings will resume for organisations based in London and throughout the UK.

Signature programme

Mindfulness training that builds your people’s wellbeing, focus and resilience. Based on our most popular course but tailored to your company’s needs. Over 8 weeks or in a 5-day intensive.

Taster sessions

Test the waters with our introductory mindfulness and yoga courses. Give your staff a chance to try a mindful approach and gauge interest in offering a full programme of support.


Develop a programme that supports your wellbeing strategy. We work with you to identify who will benefit most and how to communicate your mindfulness offer to them for a strong uptake.

"As I have progressed further in my career, I have realised that it is just as important to look after your physical and mental state in order to succeed and become a leader."

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Let’s identify how mindfulness will benefit your organisation and staff.


We create a programme that addresses your organisational challenges.


We teach your people how to own their wellbeing through mindfulness.


We monitor the programme’s impact using data and debrief together.

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Want to offer your staff mindfulness training but not sure your leadership team will go for it? Download our free business case to support your discussions.

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The course was 100% focused on improving our own soft skills. In that sense, it was a valuable investment for a company to make for their employees. It felt like a non-selfish motivated course for the good of the employees.”

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Let's explore how mindfulness will support your people

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